Best Customer Service Ambassador Ever

Ibet’s love for travel began an early age; her parents were in the travel and entertainment industries. Listening to their stories of unique destinations and filming locations, she always dreamed exploring the world. After the family relocated to Los Angeles, she was exposed to different cultures and languages; peaking her interest so much so that she become trilingual. Ibet then began her career in travel at Northwest Airlines as an interpreter and later, customer service supervisor. Working for an airline provided numerous travel opportunities, only furthering her passion that she now shares with her family. Ibet is kind and extremely personable making her the perfect for the Zōˈetic client. In addition to her Zoetic duties, she is a figure in numerous school groups, committees, and community outreach. Ibet lives in Burbank with her husband, 3 daughters, 2 dogs, 2 parakeets, and a turtle.

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