We always do our best to fulfill your needs and exceed your expectations. To do this, we find it best to have transparency with our business relationship and to ensure you are aware of what we need from you in order to provide exemplary service. You are hiring us to design a travel experience for you. Our ultimate goal is to make you feel overwhelmingly confident in our ability to do this, and to be so happy with our service that you call on us time and time again.

Initial Consultation
This is where we speak and find out more about one another to decide if a partnership seems mutually beneficial.
Cost – 15min complimentary

Together, we discuss your trip or travel needs in detail. We are a full-service agency and are here to handle all arrangements to enrich your travel experience. Such as your transportation, tours, dining, spas, childcare, airport assistance, and more. We simply need to know how you like to travel, and we can take care of everything! Cost – $500 non-refundable deposit, applied to cost of trip

Design / Execution
At this stage we research and design your experience with our vendors. We will be using our existing relationships, negotiated fares and discounts, buying power, and experience to create a sketch based on your needs and desires.
Cost – Sliding (based on several factors, some outlined below)

An average design fee for vacation travel (aka Leisure trip, Touring, Resorts, Honeymoon) ranges between $250-$1250. This fee is dependent on several factors including, but not limited to: advanced notice, airline/credit card programs being used, time of year, number of travelers and number of cities visited, to name a few. This fee will be determined and agreed upon during our planning discussion or client consultation. Once a sketch is approved and we execute, there is a ticketing fee starting at $50 (domestic) or $75 (international) pp Please note: Clients with a pretax-land-annual spend over 500K in this modality are exempt from these design fees. There are no design fees associated with gift card purchases for specific products, if using a promo or amounts over $5,000

What do you agree to do?
As our customer, you agree to provide us with everything that we need to complete our task efficiently. This includes, but is not limited to: passport copies, frequent flyer numbers, budget, what you like to do, what you’d like to accomplish on your trip, and most important, your preferences (i.e. how you like to travel). You agree to review our work carefully and provide feedback or give approval in a timely manner. While we will inform you of all deadlines and cancellation policies, you are responsible for following them. We ask that you bring your documents with you while traveling and be certain your passport or government issued identification is current. We strongly suggest a year remaining on your passport’s expiration before leaving the country to avoid any entry or exit requirements. We also suggest traveler’s insurance and if you should decline we may ask you to sign a form acknowledging you have chosen not to accept.

We have been serving both high profile and high net worth individuals for decades. It is understood and agreed to that we will keep confidential any information you provide to us. We will sign and insist, when necessary, that our vendors sign a confidentially agreement as well.

What Do Some of Our Amazing Clients Have to Say?

  • My honeymoon was a complete dream every step of the way and I owe that all to Michelle and her amazing team. -Tara
  • We seriously can’t thank you enough for our unforgettable honeymoon! It was the first time we have spent 10 days straight, just the two of us. We were so relaxed. That never happens. The vino and notes were the absolute sweetest. Thank you so, so, so much for everything! -Meredith and Reid
  • Thank you so much for all of your help with our point programs. So incredibly helpful and saved us so much money. We can’t thank you enough. You’re always the best and we appreciate all that you do! -Jaime
  • Thank you so much for planning another incredible trip. Not only do you so such a great job with these last-minute plans, you are always so helpful when things come up throughout the trip. We can really kickback, relax and enjoy everything because of your hard work. -Lindsay and Jonathan

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